Parents Who Have Been There is a registered not-for-profit charity. We formed in 2008 a group of past parents of Neonatal babies wanting to give back and support parents going through that experience today.

The founder, Jenny, shares her reason for starting up the support group:

From going through the Neonatal experience with both my children, my heart was heavy thinking about the families that continue to go through that experience today with their precious babies. With this compassion and strong heartfelt desire to support these parents and families and to give back to the hospitals in some way, the idea of our support group was conceived. Bringing together like minded friends who had been through the Neonatal experience and had the same heart to give back to families walking that journey today.


We support local Neonatal Units in various ways (see the Support Services page).

With all we do we aim to just support parents and families (and staff) where we can with no agenda but just to let them know that we have been where they are now, we have walked a similar journey and do truly understand.

With that and the compassion we have in our heart we hope to ease their load a bit, provide some practical help and offer an understanding ear giving hope and support.

Parents Who Have Been There is run entirely by volunteers and we rely on donations, business product sponsorship and the odd grant to fund our work.

We are a registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission, an incorporated associtaion, we are a charity with DGR status and we are externally auditted.

Should you wish to donate, please go to our donations page. Thank you.facebook button

Ways we can help

Support Services


We support local Neonatal units and the community via various support intiatives.  Monthly morning tea visits and monthly Dinner's On Us in the local Neonatal units, Mother's Day and Father's Day special morning tea and gift bags, Christmas gift bags, Country Mum Essential packs, along with Neonatal Parent Playgroups in the community.

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Neonatal Parents Playgroup

We run Neonatal Parent Playgroups in the community to further support families after leaving the hospital doors.

Our playgroups are a great way to connect with other parents who have walked a similar journey.


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Helping Us


Parents Who Have Been There is a not-for-profit registered charity.  We are an incorporated association who is externally auditted.

We are run by volunteers so 100% of all donations go right back into the work that we do.

You can donate to the work we do supporting Neonatal families in Adelaide via our Donations page.

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